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For Those Of You Just Returning To Life

For those of you who weren’t around Friday and don’t have the strength or motor skills to scroll down, the highlights:

* I’m writing the pilot of an original TV show I created for AMC in the States right now.

* The Novel is now finally and ultimately scheduled for next summer in hardback.

Check the posts under 16/6/2006.

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  1. I went to the comic shop this weekend for the first time in ages and left with three comics — Fell #5, Planetary #24 and Nextwave #5. I only realized after I got home that I’d exclusively bought comics you’d written…

  2. I hope we’ll be getting more details on The Novel. I didn’t even know you were writing it until recently.

  3. You are obviously no where near drunk enough.
    Stop with all the “accomplishing stuff” will you please?

    Nah. Great news. Congratulations.

  4. Wacky neighbor?

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