13 thoughts on “Major DESOLATION JONES Interview”

  1. James’ notion isn’t bad. Like Global Frequency (or even Solo), moving the team about at a regular interval could attract the DJ audience to a new illustrator (Made in England turned me onto J.H.), or bring new readers, perhaps ones loyal to the artist, to the title.

  2. I find i’ve learned more about comics, both the physical act of writing and the psychology behind it on this site than on any other.

  3. two things. One: I must consume a great deal of PKDick now, as i realize it will be helful in getting the most out of Jones’ adventures in Fullerton. this is not a bad thing, as i read VALIS some years ago befor emy brain was eaten by other obsessions and quite enjoyed it.

    Two: what is it about Desolation Jones that sickens people at DC? is it that he’s a bit of a jerk (like John Constantine, from their Vertigo line)? Is it that he smokes and drinks and does violent things (like Lobo, and i duno which imprint he’s been dropped into)? Is it because the first several issues were about hunting for hitler’s homemade porn?

  4. Jose told me about Danijel going to draw the next arc back at Komiks.dk. It’s what made me get the first six issues (which were great). It’s a shame he isn’t better known over there. If you can find a copy of Small Hands, you should get it. It’s really good. Try sending him an email asking how to order it from Petikat (their site seems to be down).
    We’ll have a comic by him in the next issue of C’est Bon Anthology.

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