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links for 2006-06-18


  1. Damien Damien

    That’s kind of weird, as I just finished doing a research paper, in which it’s noted that the idealised Bushido model has been used for Businessmen, for years, but that it is, in many respects, wildly inaccurate of the way things actually were…

  2. bob bob

    Bushido is like Chivalry or the American “Code of the Old West”- super-romantic notions of how “warriors” had comported themselves in an earlier era, that have little or nothing to do with the reality. The notion of mediaeval chivalry was largely a construct of the 19th century, I believe, and although the “Code of the West” was being created contemporaneously, it was a product of those on the East coast who had no experience with the frontier, and was embellished in subsequent decades.
    I have to wonder if, in all these cases, these mythologies, once created, weren’t held up as ideals of behavior… I suppose it’s easier to refer to an imaginary behavioral ideal than deal with the messy (and usually ugly) reality of how people were.

  3. Rob Rob

    “Face-busting fisticuffs hailed as new path to social harmony”

    *The first rule of fight club is you do not talk about fight club.*

    As someone dumb enough to get beaten up on a regular basis at a Daido Juku Karate dojo here in Japan [Fukutsu]… yeah, it does bond you in weird ways, teaches you to appreciate people in unique ways, and can take you out of the “fake” hierarchy of whatever…

    …but I would disagree with his idea “your standing in the dojo is always determined by the color of your belt”… on the mat, regardless of belt color – ability determines all. At least in good gyms it does…

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