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links for 2006-06-01


  1. Jason Jason

    The thought of Rob Zombie having a conversation with that Osbourn guy who usually hosts TCM make me happy.

  2. Daniel Burk Daniel Burk

    Here’s a link to the always entertaining Annalee Newitz’ article on her brief stay st the Ganas commune. Too bad about that mad gunwoman. Newitz seemed to think it was a pretty nice place, if I recall.

  3. re: ganas — I can’t put any stock in the worth of an article that uses phrases like “the crazed suspect” and “the snaggle-toothed Johnson.” But hey, what’s the NYP for, anyway, if not ridiculous sensationalism…

  4. Just heard from my friend that lives on the commune. I suspect security will be a new buzzword for them.

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