41 thoughts on “I Wish To Destroy Your Brains”

  1. You cruel, cruel bastard Warren…

    I lasted 58 seconds before screaming and trying to shove toothpicks down my ears, is that a record?

  2. Man..scary thing is that I remember seeing this..’84 or ’85 or something. One of the PBS shows I think, 3-2-1 Contact or something.
    Thanks for making me relive my childhood through Mr. T, bastard…

  3. There is no God.
    No, Everything does NOT work out in the end.
    And Virgina can get bent ’cause Santa Claus is dead.
    Mr T killed him, along with my will to serf the internet ever again… ever.

    You must excuse me now.. I have to go out and find a way to distroy the past few minutes of my life.

  4. I own the original VHS tape that this comes from. I used to work at a drug counseling clinic and in exchange for having to process urine samples from surly crack users (and nice former crack users, to be honest) and sit next to a copy machine that smelled like pee from faxing drug screen results to probation officers, I helped myself to the Mr. T motivational video from our prevention library. The whole thing is like this–it’s a musical. These kids try to teach him how to breakdance. New Edition also makes an appearance. It is truly breathtaking.

  5. I hate to act jaded in Warren Ellis’ very own website– but I’ve seen that video a good year or two ago…which is trumped, I suppose by people who actually saw the infernal thing on the TV.

    Still though, I forgot it ever existed. Must have been my brain protecting me.

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