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  1. Sarah So Sarah So

    They’re Korean aliens recycling biohazard materials. And that makes it awesome.

  2. Robert Baxter Robert Baxter

    The first part of the lettering is “Ae Den” or perhape “Eden”. The latter is “Cha Dong Cha” which translates to automobile. Looks like it’s a sign for “Eden Auto Sales.” Though, if it has other lettering at different parts of Korea Town, then it’s something different.

  3. Just as long as its not Korean restaurants recycling bio-materials I’m fine with it.

    I want to know exactly what’s in Column A and Column B at all times.

  4. Daniel Kang Daniel Kang

    It translates to Eden Cars, the symbol? These guys probably had the Mercedes symbol in mind… or they just thought it looked cool.

  5. Robert Baxter Robert Baxter

    Not the symbol. The Han-Gul beneath the symbol. The writing on the sign. With the 213 telephone number attached.

  6. I’m sure some enterprising young person could always call teh phone number and politely ask them what their sign means…

  7. All you had to do was run a search on the phone number.

  8. i still can’t read Korean. and still find that symbol to be incredibly disturbing…even on the off chance they sell smart cars or energy-efficent cars it is a pretty damn intense logo for a car dealership. Why is it called “Eden”??? aruugh!

  9. Rick Rick

    For those of us who don’t read Korean, does the website explain the biohazardish logo?

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