14 thoughts on “My Friends Are Kind”

  1. I fear for anyone who shows up in a superhero(TM) costume. And for the children who will have nightmares about the man with the beard who laughed and laughed while the mean lady disembowelled Spider-Man.

  2. Warren: Sorry to post this in the comments, but I wanted to be sure to get through

    I’m a reporter for a North Carolina paper who e-mailed you last week about the possibility of an interview when you’re in town for HeroesCon in Charlotte. I haven’t gotten a reply and just wanted to be sure my request got through and wasn’t lost in the ether.

    Drop me a line to let me know if it’s a possibility?

  3. Personally, I’m a bigger fan of the weighted cane.

    You get surprise, fear, and the crushing blows leave little to no spatter for you to have to get out of your clothing if properly delivered.

    The three trips through the washer alone are reason enough to stay away from slashing weapons.

  4. You should see the pics of her and Mighty Mur (Geekfuactiongrip.com) crossing those things. Hottie geek chicks with weapons. Sweet, mother monkey, it might be a new fetish.

    No, I’m sure someone has a website.

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