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  1. el_randall el_randall

    this is border line just wrong.
    are those nerdy nerds nekkid?
    oh so wrong………
    alas, I reckon thats what keeps me coming back here

  2. Pete Lovejoy Pete Lovejoy

    Why does it totally not surprise me that you found this?

  3. The Line “I want to have you inside me…but not in a gay way and not until I am dead” made me shake with joy.

  4. Filth Hole is everything great about webcomics rolled up into a tastey lump of smegma.

  5. To quote R. Stevens: “Filth Hole is one of the few web sites in the world that is not safe for anywhere. Do not look at Filth Hole if there is any chance anyone will ever find out you looked at Filth Hole.”

  6. Wait, no, that was Wigu, not R. Stevens. Bloody webcomickers, they all blur together.

  7. Yay! You found Filth Hole! Eeees lovely, no?

  8. Kim Kim

    Nothing, ever in the whole world, can beat the first comic.

  9. […] Apparently, if you want to get links from big time people like Warren Ellis, the trick is to put Dumbrella dudes in your comic. Had I known this, they would have been in every single Hate Song over the last year. […]

  10. Grim Grim

    “It nerds hard”?? that sentance its pretty dam nerdy as it is, man u gotta be some mega geek lol….

  11. Melvin Melvin

    No, not “Wigu”, Jeff Rowland. Wigu is a comic that he draws! You were both wrong.

    Also, Filth Hole is the quintessence of fart/poop jokes mixed with naked guys comic!

  12. Jamie and Fred are master comedians of the raunchy comic type.

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