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  1. Andy


    Best. Edison. Evar.

  2. BCNBastard


    Goddam hilarious!!

  3. Kallisti


    Put it on a shirt. I will buy.

  4. Haven



  5. Fred B

    Fred B

    Edison will not accept oral sex unless he is allowed to cry…

  6. Chris R

    Chris R

    Edison doesn’t use personal pronouns to describe himself!

  7. Goddammit, that was my first thought too: Shouldn’t it be, ‘will you give edison…’

    My second thought was: I am clearly not drinking enough.

  8. Bowen


    Will you cry if I give you oral sex?

  9. el_randall


    Edison, you’d be surprised just how well that works. Or maybe not.

  10. Emily


    So long as you let me use the tears to wash my mouth out after.

  11. Would mere tears wash out the burning of Edison juice?

  12. Norbert



  13. Sarah


    Oh, shit. My little black heart is about to grow two sizes too large.
    My otherwise boring boyfriend a couple years ago hung his dignity and my tolerance out to dry by waking me from a dead sleep in tears to tell me he needed more oral sex.
    I want to send this in T-shirt form to him in a large, anonymous package at his office.
    That’d give him something to cry about.
    Make me stop.

  14. I will talk to the t-shirt guy.

  15. I love it when the tears streak out of his eyes because you’re hitting the gag reflex with your rather large strap on.

    It’s romantic.

  16. Darling,

    Change your © to 2006. This has gone on too long.

    The details make me crazy,

  17. Miss Depresed

    Miss Depresed

    Omg I have had the worst day in my ENTIRE LIFE. My father just got sent back to jail because he broke his parole violation was broken (he went back to his stupid whore girl) my mother got a dui… like her 6th one and so she has to go to rehab. I have to go live with my bi-polar uncle all the way out in the boonies and i my brother just committed suicide yesterday!

  18. ))

  19. :-)

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