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Yes, It’s A Porn Star’s Bum

In an experiment to see exactly what this does to site traffic flow, I present adult film performer Rita Faltoyano, with make-up by my acquaintance, painter/photographer/model Zoetica Ebb. Check out the larger size at the link to get a better look at those evil chrome shoes.

Seriously, the hit rate should go nuts today. I will make the most of it when I return from the pub.

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  1. ok, this explains it. i knew it had to have something to do with you, when i noticed “806” views of this image on Flickr!

    Rita’s a cool and sane girl, i hope to work with her again if i do more adult film makeup.

  2. also – i see that i had her name wrong. i’m just going to assume you watch a lot of porn and knew the proper spelling and who she was as soon as you saw the picture.

  3. boreddeskmonkey boreddeskmonkey

    More bum, less dress.

    Though, thinking about it, she has too many moles for me…or she DID have too many.

    Moles are creepy. Both the overgrown skin deformities and the little dirt crawling critters.

    And lets not forget Mole Man.

  4. “Though, thinking about it, she has too many moles for me”

    Does that mean you don’t want to fuck her? She’ll be SO upset.

  5. Search string porn-star-rita, Zoe. She’s first up. I live in the UK. The government still believes that we’ll die if we see porn.

  6. boreddeskmonkey boreddeskmonkey

    Bah hahahaaa! Indeed.

    Though, she could end up that way given the appropriate conditions. ;)

    “In really, really good news, there’s a new drug, PT-141, which stimulates melanocyte receptors in the brain, thus kicking arousal into high gear! In fact, female rats exposed to PT-141 immediately began a desperate hunt for male rats to give some serious lovin’! Human females report “tingling, throbbing, and a strong desire to have sex.” It should be on the market in three years! “

  7. Sounds like you’ll have a fair shot at losing your virginity in three years.

  8. hahahahhaha @ reply #9

  9. boreddeskmonkey boreddeskmonkey

    Nah, I’m gay for Jesus.

  10. view count is up to 1064
    you popular inter-god, you

  11. I have naked mindsex powers etc etc

  12. We’re rats in the maze, we’ll push that button ’til we die.

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