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links for 2006-05-24


  1. Solar flares are nasty things. I was reminded of their destructive power the other day when I finished re-reading Niven’s “The Ringworld Engineers”, with the bit about aiming and focusing solar flares as a defensive super-weapon. Niven was good at thinking Big.

  2. Oh my gods, I am so horny, that when i read that, I thought it said, “Andean Pyramid is GIANT FLAMING COCK.” Jeeebus, I need to get fucked.

  3. Giant Flaming Cocks and buying Katie West’s blood. The inertnet sure makes people see things all pervy.

  4. I have no problem believing this after reading the recent book 1491. It’s all about the indian cultures that existed and flourished in North and South America before Columbus. Plus, it’s actually a ripping fun read and not even a little bit boring. I heartily recommend it.

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