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  1. alfie alfie

    ha! Somehow before I arrived at the house I *knew* she’d be wearing that shirt. Acquiring members to my own holy slut army is proving trickier than you make it appear.

  2. As long as I own that shirt it’ll never end. :o)

  3. el_randall el_randall

    keeping in mind that the army is warren ellis’, shouldn’t the army be UN-holy?
    and as alfie has said, I have found that getting kidnapped by hookers has a better chance of occuring……….

  4. Tim Tim

    The holy slut army dresses pretty casually for sluts.

  5. Even sluts get to wear casual clothes sometimes.

  6. Rebecca Rebecca

    el_randall: No! Warren is Internet Jesus, and Holy, therefor so is his Holy Slut Army.

    Hey, are those shirts still available anywhere?

  7. Begins again? Did it ever stop?

  8. Rebecca, yes they are. You can get them here

  9. el_randall el_randall

    Rebecca: I suggest that anyone who would subject his followers to dirty, sometimes naughty links, without warning, is by any strech of the imagination, not very holy. Holy implies clean, wholesome things, right?
    Internet Jesus, prehaps, holy? I doubt it.

  10. el_randall el_randall


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