14 thoughts on “What Have I Done”

  1. Do either of them not suck?

    …not to say that naming oneself after Spider would make you suck, but my experience with bands seems to indicate that about 99% of them blow goat.

  2. I say they suck.
    Sue them, get the name back, then hold a contest to find a worthy carrier of the name.

    Hell, it would be better than anything else on telly.

  3. AND they can’t spell worth a damn. I HATE HATE HATE HATE when homophones get misused. That there/their/they’re shit is NOT THAT HARD PEOPLE.

  4. Fuck! My friend and I recorded a demo a couple nights ago, and planned to release it under this name. Back to the drawing board…grumble grumble…

  5. I think “Bowel Disruptor” would be far fucking cooler…and probably more appropriately indicative of these uncreative fucktards music.

  6. Next up: I am Warren, Internet Jesus. They are a warm-up band for Holy Slut Army and Fatal Intestinal Maelstrom.

    They play coversongs of disco music from the 70’s. On the panflute. Mmm, yes. Evil.

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