14 Responses to “What Have I Done”

  1. Do either of them not suck?

    …not to say that naming oneself after Spider would make you suck, but my experience with bands seems to indicate that about 99% of them blow goat.

  2. I say they suck.
    Sue them, get the name back, then hold a contest to find a worthy carrier of the name.

    Hell, it would be better than anything else on telly.

  3. AND they can’t spell worth a damn. I HATE HATE HATE HATE when homophones get misused. That there/their/they’re shit is NOT THAT HARD PEOPLE.

  4. Fuck! My friend and I recorded a demo a couple nights ago, and planned to release it under this name. Back to the drawing board…grumble grumble…

  5. Being original is so hard for some people.

  6. Glesser, call it CFC

  7. Yet another case of “what hath Warren wrought?”

  8. I think “Bowel Disruptor” would be far fucking cooler…and probably more appropriately indicative of these uncreative fucktards music.

  9. I didn’t even listen. I didn’t need to.

  10. Next up: I am Warren, Internet Jesus. They are a warm-up band for Holy Slut Army and Fatal Intestinal Maelstrom.

    They play coversongs of disco music from the 70’s. On the panflute. Mmm, yes. Evil.

  11. I personally like “Chair Leg of Truth,” but that’s just me.

  12. Different genre. They play coversongs of elevator music.

  13. I am in uni with one of the band members, and I for one like their stuff.

  14. “Warren is Sexi”
    That is my new band name.