Jailed For Organising “Gay Sex” Parties In Beijing

A Beijing man was sentenced to a year in jail for using the Internet to organize gay sex parties at his home, a newspaper reported Saturday.

The 33-year-old man, identified only by his surname, Zou, charged partygoers 30-50 yuan (US$3.70-US$6.20) for prurient services offered at his “Hot Dream Party for Cool Beijing Boys” events, the Beijing News said.

Zou pleaded guilty to the charge of “gathering people for the purpose of sexual promiscuity,” it said.

Homosexuals were strongly persecuted after China’s 1949 communist revolution, condemned as products of decadent Western and feudal societies. Official attitudes gradually have changed since the late 1980s, and in 2001, the China Psychiatric Association stopped listing homosexuality as a mental illness.

Looser enforcement of laws on homosexual behavior has allowed small but thriving gay scenes to emerge in Shanghai, Beijing and other cities in the developed east. (AP)

9 thoughts on “Jailed For Organising “Gay Sex” Parties In Beijing”

  1. Lara’s just jealous she wasn’t invited.

    …or, in retrospect, she means the whole jailing thing was the pitiful sad part ’cause that makes more sense…

  2. Philip beat me to it.
    Considering the prospected future shortage of women, homosexuality might be the only choice for China’s millions of bachelors.
    Of course, most will, if confronted with it, say: “I’m not gay, I just have sex with men.”

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