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  1. Hush, now, children, you’re in the presence of greatness — This Mortal Coil’s version of “Song to the Siren” is a serious contender for Best Song Ever. If you can’t get past the hair, just close your eyes and listen.

    Here’s a great live version of the song on YouTube, and (self-promotion alert!) here’s a post I wrote last year about trying to decipher the lyrics.

  2. http://www.lynchnet.com/kcrwint.html

    I heard the song in the 80�s and I�m not sure whether it was 85, but I really pretty desperately wanted to use it in Blue Velvet and it was tied up in some sort of legal thing, or it was either that or something involving a lot of money and we couldn�t get it. And it broke my heart, but on the other hand not having This Mortal Coil “Song To The Siren” led me to Angelo Badalamenti and Angelo, you know, I�ve worked with ever since. Angelo really brought me into the world of music, right into the middle of it.

    So this not being able to use Song To The Siren, led you to go�

    It led me to go�

    ..To an alternative.

    Exactly, the alternative was Mysteries Of Love, and that Angelo wrote and I fell in love with. I didn�t think I would, I thought, there�s a million songs, how can Angelo write something that is going to take the place of this, and it was strange. It took the place of it, and continued this great, great, relationship I have with Angelo.

    And when Lost Highway came around there was another opportunity to use the track.

    Right. I�d been waiting and waiting and there it was and its definitely high on my list as one of all time most beautiful songs.

    How come is didn�t end up on the soundtrack?

    Ivo, the producer, was happy for it to be in the film, but its something very emotional to Ivo and he didn�t want to exploit it any further.

    Well, that much you have in common, the power of song has a place with you as well.

    Exactly right.

  3. Wow, with internet jesus missing this weekend the wired is very quite. Kotaku, gizmodo, boingboing are all having slow quiet days. Please come back to us internet jesus. You’re presence in the engine isn’t enough to keep the internet distracting.

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