11 Responses to “Harlan Has A Posse”

  1. Makes me miss that place. I’ll have to call Lance.

  2. I recall a sci-fi con considering having Ellison at the con an entirely seperate problem from everything else. Just because he’s motherfucking Harlan Ellison.

  3. I was over there early with Misha. He talked about the joys of White Castle for about the first twenty minutes. I was too intimidated to meet him. My ex boyfriend was also there.

    It was a weird day.


  4. When the fuck was that? I live like 3 blocks from there. (RIP)

  5. Hee hee, I worked there for years. I still chill with Lance and EV and Greg and crew every Wednesday – be there or be square, Mpls Motherfuckers!

  6. Harlan Ellison slowly morphs into Truman Capote.

    The horror. The horror…

  7. Yeah, holy crap! The man has AGED!

    Can’t wait to meet up with him in an elevator again someday –

    – gonna kick me some geriatric Harlan-ass!

  8. Why does that photo remind me of the ‘bikers’ t-shirt advert that used to appear in Heavy Metal Magazine..?

  9. Man, it’s weird to see this sort of thing…my friend has a weekly pull there so I end up at DreamHaven all the time. Best place to buy paperback sci-fi and early editions of classics.

  10. Your posse could beat up his posse.

  11. Damn straight, Harlan has a posse!!! I happen to be second from the left behind Harlan in this photo and I say “Come on if you think you’re hard enough!” :¬)