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  1. No, I refuse to click on that link.

  2. Haven Haven

    Urge to kill world….rising.

  3. There will come a point, right when I die, when God will chain me to a Clockwork Orange aversion therapy chair and a make me rewatch every awful, soul-killing, time-wasting thing I saw on the Internet, on endless loop, for all eternity. And the only way to avoid that fate is find the people who made these awful, horrible things and punch each of them in the kidneys.

    That’s gonna be a lot of kidneys. Better get started now.

  4. RMC RMC

    Where do you find these things? Do you go looking for them?

  5. εδ εδ

    argh! that video won’t work on my pc… damn you Xenu!

  6. patient_0 patient_0

    Wow, those guys REALLY don’t want to admit that they’re all fags.
    (Before any PC bastard jumps down my throat, note that I’m a fag and thus, by rules expressly discussed within the Geneva Convention, allowed to use that term while not referring to cigarettes. IT’S OUR WORD!)

  7. I have absolutely no idea what I’ve just watched.

    Workin’ for the CIA now, then? Have I just been…programmed?

  8. GOOD. LORD. i’m fuggin’ dummer now. why for warren do me this?

  9. on my kness praying for nuclear armageddon this very second

  10. gee.. thanks… I guess.

    (No I didn’t see all of it either)

    Red Bull kills brain cells. I’m sure you’re aware of that.

  11. Andy Andy

    Anybody got a direct link to the video? My Firefox seems to be crashing when I make with the clicky.

    …actually, it’s probably not firefox. It’s probably damned mplayer plug-in, which was written in ada by Stalin and Dr. Mengele.

  12. Adam Adam



    Can’t…stop….talking…in ellipses.

  13. D. Edward Sauve D. Edward Sauve

    Meh. Seen worse.

  14. seren seren

    “GOOD. LORD. i’m fuggin’ dummer now. why for warren do me this?”

    ‘zackly, dude, yesh.
    And I didn’t even watch it all.

    *creates a testosterone-seeking explosive*

  15. Lem Lem

    What in the name of all that is holy just happened there?!

    My brain. Ow.

  16. Allen Allen

    hahahahaha. i just can’t stop laughing.

  17. Jonathan Visminas Jonathan Visminas

    Meh. It’s not that soul destroying.

  18. Des Des

    Why are you all whining so much?

    There’s three of them! Just do yourselves a favour and imagine three terrifying yet splendidly different methods of painful deaths upon these strange lads.

    It works for me anyway…

  19. I dunno, if Karen Finley did the same exact thing, people would be hailing it as great art and throwing grant money her way.

    Though Karen Finley does look better with her shirt off and covered in food…

  20. I’m laughing, and yet I know it’s wrong.

    It’s like when somebody slips and falls and you know it’s funny, but you still chuckle. It’s like that, except louder and wrong…er.

  21. JM JM

    OxO part of me…..DIED. Hopefully it will ressurect within the hour; if not I’ll miss it.

    I think I have to puke now. Puke and rape a straight man. In the eye. I envoke Hammurabi’s law.

    It was uncomferably funny right up until the …manwich splatter?

  22. Perry J Perry J

    My nose started to bleed in the middle of the clip. I think my brain was trying to escape.

  23. EdDantes EdDantes

    About halfway through, I noticed my mouth was hanging open in sheer disbelief. Is it supposed to be funny? Is it supposed to be artsy?? Is it really just supposed to be this ridiculous?

    Best part though is at the bottom of the page: “Buy full DVD”.

    Anybody any clue as to what demographic they might be going for here???

  24. Rebecca Rebecca

    I hate you, Internet Jesus.

  25. Glessner Glessner

    This is actually just awesome, in a so-bad-it’s-good way. I found myself laughing pretty quick; the entire thing is too absurd to be considered disappointing.

  26. Citybeatnik Citybeatnik

    This is perhaps both the best and worst thing I have ever seen in my life…
    I think it’s the trio that does it for me. Random silly looking XXXXTREAM faces and then a falcetto scream worthy of RUSH. That’s class that is, man.

  27. Jacob Jacob

    oh, come now–i thought we were all smarter than that. there’s actually only one of ’em; the rest were inserted by use of digimagical adobe elves. while i admit that the humor is questionable, the over-the-topness of it all should be a clear indicator that no one is taking this seriously. it would have been funnier if they didn’t have their tongues so firmly lodged into their cheeks, but their grotesque play on stereotypes still has some comic value, nonetheless.

  28. Sail Sail

    Was it intended to be funny? I couldn’t sit through enough of it to tell. I really am dumber for having seen 20 seconds of that. The fact that there is a dvd for sale has crushed my will to live. goodnight internet.

  29. CMR CMR

    You killed me. Guess I’m not going to be able to buy Wolfskin now, smart-ass Interweb Jesus.

    On the bright side, they have good wireless service here in hell. Downside: I’m on AOL.

  30. lori lori

    oh, yeah, comic value, it’s real fucking hilarious to slaughter cunt. You know, because it’s like slipping on a banana peel, never happens in real life. all in good fun to be fucked by a sword and bleed… because it’s absurd. Mmm yeah.

  31. Jacob Jacob

    sure. absurdity is funny. i think that anything taken to a certain extreme is funny, especially when the context is so incongruous. there are some people who thought american psycho was a hideously hilarious dark comedy–probably the same demographic that keeps troma in business.

  32. Max Max

    One of them is playing guitar with a KNIFE.

  33. That was definately fucked up beyond all possible description.

  34. i just lost my will to live.

    thank you, warren ellis.

  35. lori lori

    the difference between American Psycho and that piece of filth is AP was filled with social commentary, and provided insight into the detatched personality of psycho/sociopaths, That it did explore violence in a stylish, darkly humoured way doesn’t mean a comparison is valid. I can’t even begin to know what you mean by context, there doesn’t appear to be any, other than asshat context. I think it is a stretch to say the creator was saying people who treat women in vile violent ways are sick fucks who ought to be brought down. I didn’t see anything with that message.

  36. Warren, don’t you usually save these things for Monday?
    Why do you have to start my weekend this way?

  37. bob bob

    Releasing my deadly bird-flu strain, right… now.

  38. Ricky Ricky

    I think this can be laid squarely at the feet of Tenacious D. Plus the now-entirely-too-easy access to technology by morons.

  39. Christopher Holt Christopher Holt

    Where do lost IQ points go?

  40. Every time I look… Every single time, and every time I regret it.

  41. Matt O'C Matt O'C

    I actually thought this was funny as hell. There is nothing to me that is funnier than bad art taking itself seriously, which i thought this was, but after some people have pointed out they think this is a joke i have no idea what to think.
    The gents that made this should not be allowed anywhere near any piece of technology ever again.

  42. Wright Wright

    Uh… WHAT THE FUCK DID I JUST SEE? NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN Damn your eyes, Internet Jesus!!! As penance for this horrible crime against, I dunno, EYES, I demand that the interweb literally reach through the screen and gouge out the eyes of those sweaty meat-headed FUCKS, then I hope it steals their credit cards and orders mad stoats off some creepy black market website in Belarus delivered to their house PRIMED FOR ARSERAPE!!! Oh, and Internet? Don’t forget to also order some PISSED-OFF SEA URCHINS to stick in their soulless COCKS!!! Then and only then will I begin to feel better about Earth, secure in the knowledge that those shirtless cave-dwellers will never spill their foul, acidic seed into the sacred folds of another. The ur-Purgatory of the Mindless, Illimitable Void that I was cast into whilst watching that… THING is too good for those assholes. That is all.

    Love Swami Be Praised,
    Wright Johnson

  43. Matt Matt

    When their balls drop, they will be mortified by this

  44. cliff cliff

    this is the best thing ever, I hope that all of you stupid pricks get your fingers out of your asses and realize what comedy is… comedy is not jim carey you fucks

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