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On Buying FELL In Scandinavia

I just found the following post in the comments section for “FELL #5 Out Today”:

Any place to order FELL #5 over the net? Asked for it at a comicbookshop where I live (Oslo), (and) their response was that they had stopped taking it in as it sold out too fast!

I really want the name of this shop, so that I can have my friends in Oslo burn it the fuck down.

If there are any Scandinavian stores carrying FELL that’d help this guy out with an internet sale, please speak in the comments section. Thank you.

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  1. “it sold out too fast!”

    And lo, the morons did spill their seed carelessly, but alas nevertheless conceived… and ‘business is bad for business!’ was their cry…

    Uh… some eBay UK sellers aren’t too extortionate on postage if buying a few titles.

  2. I’d like to know too. I can only think of one store here in Sweden that sells comics in their web shop, and they don’t really have that much “non-mainstream” stuff.

  3. Ferry Ferry

    I lucked out, my shop had one left

  4. I’m not in Scandinavia (Los Angles is almost the precise opposite of just about everywhere else in the world) and I don’t have anything pithy or snarky to say.

    I just wanted to thank you for FELL.

    Great book. Great Price.


  5. Simen Thoresen Simen Thoresen

    My ‘local’ shop, Outland in Oslo are not carrying it – they are waiting for ‘the collection that is bound to come’. They have a lot of other Ellis-stuff, tho.

    Ohgawd – I miss Avalon (now defunct other major nerd-store).


  6. Though not in Oslo, (we’re UK based) we have plenty in stock and offer reasonable prices for overseas shipping. Check out for prices.
    Please bear in mind that delivery could take a few weeks, as the cheapest shipping method available is (obviously) also the slowest.
    Also, Fell #5 is ace! A great ‘boxed-in’ feel, that I haven’t seen in comics for ages (if ever, come to think of it!).

  7. whaaa? originally our shop started with 15 copies of fell per month. it sold out in the first week, so i increased it to 25 on impulse. it pretty much sells almost every month. if it ever started selling more, i’d increase again. it’s not hard, olso-shop…

  8. “we have plenty in stock and offer reasonable prices for overseas shipping. Check out for prices.”

    Where are the shipping prices? It’s a really, really bad idea from a business point of view to require people to sign up and enter address details before they can get a simple total for their order.

  9. Since UK shipping appears to be included in prices, it’d probably be worth advertising that in big friendly letters on the site…

  10. Fred B Fred B

    Yeah I miss Avalon too, Outland’s got a nice selection, generally, but… They’re pretty much useless about single issues. Damn trade paperback-whores…

  11. Chris jebsen Chris jebsen

    What happened to Avalon? Visited Oslo two summers ago and they said they were moving. They sold evey single issue in-store for 2 NOK (wich is nothing!). I bought all their Authority and some other goodies. When I went last summer I couldnt find it again, but my friends tell me theyre still around and are still carrying comics. (But only TPB now?)

  12. Hallvard Hallvard

    Avalon isn’t closed, they moved to Akersgata (by Egertorget, the old Akers mic).

  13. Hallvard Hallvard

    Or did that one close?

  14. The inestimable Fantask ( in Copenhagen have FELL in their stock list – not sure that means it’s in stock tho’.

  15. Per-Karsten Per-Karsten

    What do you mean Outland doesn’t carry it ?

    How come I got every single issue there, then ?

  16. Michael Michael

    I think that Fantask will have Fell 5 next week. We are usually a week behind the US shipping date here in Copenhagen. So no… I havent gotten my mittens on it yet. Grrr arrrgh :-)

    I have a subscribtion for Fell at Fantask, so Im good.

  17. Giant Fish Giant Fish

    The Avalon store in Akersgata is closed as well. They’re out of business, all their shops are gone.

  18. MrJudy MrJudy

    Don’t speak lightly of Scandies burning stuff down. It’s way cold and boring in much of Norway, and torching stuff is warm and exciting. You don’t want your name dragged into any church burning-type stories.

  19. You kidding me? MAJOR free publicity.

  20. MrPerson MrPerson

    I went to that “Fantask” site, and things looked good for finally being able to get “Nextwave” comics in Norway, but then I got to the part where they quote shipping costs. Having 300 kroners as the default shipping cost to Norway (even if it comes with a disclaimer that this is the “max” shipping cost they’ll charge) kinda made me stop and go “uh, no”.

    So how long until there’s a Nextwave TPB, d’you think?

  21. 300 kroner? Do you get a blowjob with that? That’s thirty fucking quid!

  22. MrPerson MrPerson

    I’m GUESSING that it’s the sum they’d charge you if you ordered a ton of stuff, and they’d actually charge you what it actually costs to send, which should be far less. However, when their reasoning for putting it that way is “This sum is put here so that we CAN charge it, should it be necessary… Oh, and first-time customers have to use the pay-as-you-receive-the-merchandise option, which costs 30 extra kroners”, and it’s a store I’ve never heard of before… Nah.

    Hint to the Fantask people: Giving people a guesstimate shipping cost that’s not insane is good for business. I was buying two comic books: It shouldn’t be THAT hard to include some sort of property for them that gives me a better shipping estimate.

  23. Michael Michael

    Dude, I dont think you would want a blowjob from anyone at Fantask! I mean, they are nice people, but you know…

    So forget about Fantask. I guess its another one of those things where its nice if you live in Copenhagen, but you are screwed if you live anywhere else. We are a lot like that overhere.

    Im just happy to live near a store that actually carries the titles I want. But 30 quid is… well, 30 quid. Yikes.

    W, you should have known about it when you went to here i Copenhagen. You could have gone to the Fantask stand and whacked them with your cane. Or something.

  24. Björn Björn

    For a good comic store in Stockholm I would recomend Staffars Serier
    They have Fell and sells it. Bought the two first issues of Fell as a birthday gift to a friend.

  25. João Marcelo João Marcelo

    The “it sold out too fast!” made me laugh so hard! But I went and asked the mussus about it (her family is norwegian and she lived there for a while) and she says it is pure norwegian logic at its best: if it sells to fast, but does not give me big profits (its a 1.99 comic, after all), it´s too much trouble…

  26. Fuck. I’ll give the guy my copy and will ship it to him for free. Only if he promises to chop off the heads of at least THREE people that caused us to ACTUALLY HAVE this conversation. And don’t worry about me not having my OWN copy – I have a photographic memory…AND I’m an elephant. Crazy, eh?

  27. nygaard nygaard

    Funny. I filed a subscription with them and Fell turns up in my stack at unpredictable intervals. Are they ordering one single issue just for me? Norwegians have a cruel and unusual taste when it comes to comics, and Fell seems like just the thing. As it is, no one seems to have even heard of it. I’ve been evangelizing like mad.

    Fucking Outland drove their only competitor out of business. Not *exactly* intentionally, I guess, just innocently exploiting that one major mistake of Avalon, moving from their location of 15 years or so without making sure Outland couldn’t grab their old premises and steal all their customers. Now that they’ve put themselves in charge of the biggest national inlet of freakish literature they had BETTER deliver, and deliver GOOD, or earn the anger of the Secret Masters of Fandom.

    They can’t possibly satisfy the collected cravings of nordic geekdom, of course. I smell smoke on the wind.

    That said, they’re nice, friendly, helpful people, who generally know their geeky crap from other geeky crap. They do not deserve what may be coming for them.

  28. ghost rider ghost rider

    my email is ill send u a copy if u email your address dude from scandinavia

  29. Fred B Fred B

    Who we should burn though? The bastard in charge of updating the Outland webpages. And by ‘in charge of updating’ I mean buying crackwhores and candy and not giving a shit about customers who may need to travel long distances in order to buy their expensive nerdy shit.

    Actually burning is too nice. Hey Warren, check it out, I just invented a new torture technique. You take one offensive bastard, and shove him in a spacesuit, right? Then you fill that spacesuit with water, and chuck his ass into space. Then he can choose between drowning, or clawing his way out of the thing and implode or whatever you do when your bare ass hits vacuum.

    Add sugar, stir when needed, make sure you film it for replay value and possible Hollywood Film Deal(tm)

  30. Odd Odd

    Ghostrider: thanks for the offer, but I’ve already ordered it from an ebay-seller in the uk. Came to twice the price of what I paid for the other ones though (witch I bought at Comics Heaven in Stockholm). And yes, it was Outland that said they sold it out too fast… Told me to wait for the TBP. Do’nt burn it down though as Avalon is gone, Tronsmo’s basement is too small and mailorder take too long…

  31. Odd Odd

    Or TPB rather…

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