Yes, They Really Did Make An AQUAMAN TV Pilot

And it didn’t get picked up for the American autumn schedule (which happens to the best of us, heh).

But Sean Jordan sent me this link. To the AQUAMAN tv trailer.

As I say, the show didn’t get picked up. With that in mind, the trailer is… instructive.

18 thoughts on “Yes, They Really Did Make An AQUAMAN TV Pilot”

  1. whoa, was that lou diamond phillips I saw in there?
    and this didn’t get picked up, why?
    something else about this trailer smacks of teh sci-fi channel, but I cant put my finger on it…….

  2. Linked worked for me, but it definetly was’nt a trailer, instead I was treated to a breif, strange and disturbing clip of animated Aquaman shaking his ass.

  3. When I was younger and read lots of comics, I HATED Aquaman!! I got into Marvel before DC – in the UK at the time, Marvel actually published comics in the country (Mighty World of Marvel, Spectacular Spider-Man, all anthologies, black and white) whereas for DC you had to buy imports of the US titles… anyway, I came across the Submariner before Aquaman, and I thought Namor was way kooler. I mean, I can remember Submariner’s true identity – Prince Namor – whereas Aquaman… far as I know, he ain’t even /got/ a true identity. And Submariner had little wings on his ankles.

  4. Yeah, Namor has edge. I loved him in Grant Morrison’s Fantastic Four; 1234.
    –“Susan, come here. I want to look at you.”
    –“Namor, I… I’m married”
    I always hated Aquaman’s costume.

  5. I’ll do my best not to track you Aqua-haters down and maim you in your sleep. For the record, Aquaman has two ‘true identities’, Arthur Curry and Orin. So, if that’s what you’re judging the koolness of a superhero on, he one ups Namor there.

    And yes, I’m being an anal nerd. I’m seeking professional.

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