My Day

May 17th, 2006 | brainjuice

20 Responses to “My Day”

  1. You are quite attractive.

  2. Trick of the light.

  3. Don’t you believe him.
    He’s not JUST a big, sexy brain.

    This will be hanging in my livingroom by this afternoon.
    Over my drum kit.

  4. threadless material, right there folks.

  5. […] Me: :)))))))) Jason: can I get that in a T-shirt, or a flag? Jason: this whole protest thing has just made me want to bludgeon anyone that talks first and thinks later, if at all Me: you don’t have that big a stick […]

  6. When will the poster sized version be available, Warren?

  7. Oh right, this guy.

    These are never not funny. I made one for “Oblivion” once. It was a mushroom cloud.

    This has a nice personal touch, though.

  8. You have created a monster. In fact, you are a cult! (doubletake)

  9. Spelling mistake?

  10. NIce clothes! You look a Soprano man!

  11. More “stumbled out of a wedding after drunkenly harrassing all the churchgoers” man.

  12. “

    Come for the writing. Stay for the abuse.”

  13. Why do you take a cane to a wedding? Is it to achieve a victorian villain kind of look…actually it would be excellent for gently batting the legs of the badly behaved children….

  14. I’ll second the poster idea. I’d buy one.

  15. Happy Birthday!

  16. I’d buy a poster of “DRUNK SINCE 1982 and I can still defeat all your enemies”

    Is it your birthday,Warren?

  17. I thought it was the Chairleg of Truth! Maybe they’re related…

  18. I thought it was the Chairleg of Truth! Maybe they’re related…

  19. may i ask – why does warren have a cane?

  20. Cos canes are ubercool and a true gentleman has a cane (how else can he beat beggars?). Im getting a cane when Im older.