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  1. Do you need anyone to talk you down off the roof after watching this, Warren?

  2. The_Pete The_Pete

    Wow! It’s too bad I hate watching television because this looks kinda/sorta good.

    Too bad broadband in the UK licks donkey balls.

    Come to think of it, so does the TV programming in the UK.

  3. Savage Savage

    Well, I’m sold. Off to Bittorrent to get it as soon as it hits. TV is dead, long live Television.

    And is it just me or was that song “TV Is The Thing This Year” in “Good Night & Good Luck”?

  4. One word: potential.

  5. Dave O'Neill Dave O'Neill


    I’m sold. Again.

  6. Charlie Charlie

    Prase ye TV Jesus Sorkin. Ye that do not drink from the cup of Sports Night, now goto ye torrent and download. I even saw some full episodes on youtube.

  7. Christ, now I see why you said you wanted to chop off your writing hands after reading the script. Looks amazing out of the gate and the setting gives it fresh storymeat every week. I wonder if the line about coming back to save the network’s ass is Sorkin’s little shot at NBC?

  8. Aaron Aaron

    Intelligent Television. I’d almost lost hope.

  9. Patrick Patrick

    “And is it just me or was that song “TV Is The Thing This Year” in “Good Night & Good Luck”?”

    Yep, and put to excellent use both times. Sorkin’s strategic use of music has always been excellent. Just look at that Dire Straits song in that one West Wing finale. Even people who hate Dire Straits have to love how that song perfectly compliments the on-screen tension.

  10. joe joe

    Does anybody else notice how Warren E. looks a bit like a slightly younger Toby Zeigler?

    Oh yeah, and forget Clapton… Sorkin is God.

  11. Jack Jack

    I’ve seen the whole thing. It’s better than good and it’s only the pilot, which traditionaly is one of the weaker episodes. Then again the West Wing pilot is amazing.

  12. Stu Stu

    Wow. This is f*g awesome. It’ll be nice to have characters with brains again. Of course, it’ll be opposite other things that I usually watch… Looks like a damn good scene for fave taxi driver Judd Hirsch, who has been doing do support on Numbers.

  13. Curses! YouTube’s copyrightcops got to it before i could.

  14. me too. Anyone know where else i might find it?

  15. James James

    I don’t think I’ve ever heard your thoughts on Sorkin’s Sports Night. A favorite of mine.

  16. Mr Mxyptlk Mr Mxyptlk

    This is great… It’s like a West Wing with no social conciousness. Even so, glad Sorkin is back – whatever happened to his Farnsworth movie?

  17. Rick Rick

    Okay, that’s a must-watch, my first on US TV since… Sorkin left West Wing.

  18. It’s a good preview–looks more like Sports Night than West Wing, which is just fine–I loved Sports Night too. A commentor in my blog post about this wrote the following words, which seem appropriate in this thread too:

    “YAY! More Sorkin!!! Can’t have too much of his writing.” Umm, actually, I can. Particularly his numerous pet devices, including but not limited to: Ridiculous narrated flashbacks. The repitition of the “nut phrase” by one character inserted into another character’s mouth in the way of a snappy parting shot, etc. “Clever” misogyny. “Aw, shucks Josh — sexism IS kinda cute coming from you,” exclaims apple-cheeked Donna. This list — much like Sorkin’s vain character soliloquies — goes on, ond on, and… Still, I’m a pretty big fan. I love Bob Dylan, too. But sometimes he’s obvious, lazy and annoying. Can we reserve the right NOT to blindly idolize imperfect genius? End Transmisson.

  19. Charlie Kay Charlie Kay

    just seen the pre-air version – doesn’t seem to have made it from script to screen without losing something – lacks pace.
    Cast excellent – writing superb – direction needs attention.

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