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INFOTRIP is a graphic novel by Mattias Elftorp that I read (and then somehow lost) in Copenhagen the other day. It’s postfuture science fiction with an art style that seems to me to combine Brian Wood with Ben Templesmith, to jagged, hate-ridden, nervous effect. I really like it, and I’m pissed off that my copy got mislaid. I insist you look through his website at the link above — we talked briefly, very nice guy — and the direct link to the Infotrip page is here, which includes a PDF sample of the work.

(Note: one Swedish Krona (SEK) is 13 cents USD, 7p UKP, 15 cents CAD or 0.1 EUR.)

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  1. Greg Bunch Greg Bunch

    There’s a flavor of Ted McKeever in there as well I think, after looking through the .pdf sample.

  2. Chris Doring Chris Doring

    I really like the artwork. The action sequences have a kinetic effect I have’nt seen before.

  3. Looks really good.

    What does ‘postfuture’ mean?

  4. Brian Brian

    It’s available for sale via paypal at:

    13 eur, 17 usd

    They also have other books for sale, with pdf samples.

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