I Am Returned Once Again

May 2nd, 2006 | brainjuice

Back from Denmark. Send tribute to the usual place.

— W

8 Responses to “I Am Returned Once Again”

  1. Good to meet you and shake your paw, albeit fleetingly, after the panel debate on Saturday. Did you get to visit Christiania (or, indeed, any of the interesting pubs/parts of Copenhagen)?

  2. What did you bring us back from Denmark.

  3. I see my hitmen were amateurs… must make sure to find better professionals next time…

  4. YAAAAY!
    Good to have you back Warren. Eat some fruit and drink some water.

  5. Give it a week and the red-bull and tabs will be back on the menu. There’s only so much health stuff you can eat/drink/ingest before you have to redress the balance of good shit… but you’ll feel all the better for it. Like a triple espresso and Marlboro Reds after going to the gym… they’re just so much better after that.

    Welcome back Mr. Ellis. We’ve missed you awfully.

  6. Oh shit, I thought that was the cops and just flushed my stash.. Knock next time.

  7. hey how was your trip, mister Ellis?

  8. Welcome back Lord.

    Beer will be sacrificed for your safe return.