The Weekly Katie West

April 27th, 2006 | people I know, photography

Katie West just got cable. She is doing nothing but watching Star Trek reruns. I worry.

7 Responses to “The Weekly Katie West”

  1. For the love of God, change the channel to Babylon 5! Quickly!!!

  2. picard is my hero. i will not forsake him.

  3. But Babylon 5 dosn’t have Patrick Stewart!

  4. I skip out of school early every day (I’m a PhD student) to come home and watch Star Trek.

    Blame Spike TV and G4 (in the US, at least) for showing Star Trek straight for like 7 hours every single day.

  5. We should totally get ENGAGED.

    Let’s MAKE IT SO.

    I should make Star Trek:TNG Valentines.

  6. …Star Trek: TNG Valentines??

  7. the first girl who gives me a star trek valentine is the girl i will marry