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Nail Bomb Art

A woman has been arrested after police investigated at least five suspected nail bombs in west London.

Bomb squad officers examined the packages had been found by members of the public in Shepherd’s Bush and Hammersmith on Wednesday morning.

Detectives said a woman later walked into a police station claiming to have placed the items as works of art.

The 36-year-old from Shepherd’s Bush has been arrested on suspicion of causing a public nuisance.

Some of the packages were cardboard boxes containing soft toys and training shoes with nails sticking out of them. One, in Charecroft Way, Shepherd’s Bush, consisted of three cardboard tubes supporting a polystyrene “altar” on which stood some flowers and a note which talked about the loss of a “Pelagius”.

It read: “Your absence has gone through us like thread through a needle. Everything we do is stitched with its colour…”

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  1. εδ εδ

    Oh sweet paranoia…

  2. I’ve a few sheets of stickers I print up place around town. They usually read “This Is (not) A Bomb.” It keeps me amused, and tends to get people’s attention.

  3. Daniel Morgan Daniel Morgan

    “Your absence has gone through us like thread through a needle. Everything we do is stitched with its colour…”

    Seems like I’ve read that somewhere else. Maybe just false deja vu.

  4. Daniel Morgan Daniel Morgan

    WS Merwin. Maybe this is common knowledge in the Army of Ellis, but I was happy to discover a new poet.

    Thank you British Bomb Squad for your contributions to the spread of language and literature.

  5. mark mark

    But is it art?

    NO it wasting police time and putting lives at risk

    The dumb bitch should be shot for putting mine and every other Londoners lives at risk

    Having spoken to officer who attended her “art” the panic and fear she cased almost cased more blood and death from the pushing and shoving to get out the way.

    Nice work

  6. James Waslo James Waslo

    Mark, how was your life at risk by this? Almost get run over by the stampede? Sounds like Geoff has the point.

  7. Jimbo Jimbo

    Lives were at risk because of the large amounts of police officers, ambulance workers and firefighters who had their time wasted here. Valuable, life-saving resources diverted because some fucking idiot planted some fake bombs. It’s not retarded paranoia, they were clearly designed to cause exactly this reaction. We’ve had nailbombs in London before September 11th, you know.

  8. Matt Matt

    I would rather have 1 bomb and 99 twee artistic statements safely detonated, then 99 twee artistic statements and my shins full of nails.

  9. mark mark

    thanks jimbo saved me saying it

  10. Pa-ra-noi-a.
    But then again, when you’ve pissed off most of the world, you’ve got a right to be paranoid.

  11. Otto Otto

    that poem is on buses in portland oregon. i see it every day. now if only we had nail bombs on the buses too…..

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