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  1. Simon


    Why does Edison Hate Future so? Is it because he no longer wields a monopoly with regard to the production of moving pictures?

  2. el randall

    el randall

    dont worry edison, i have pnumonia too.
    you’ll get better in you era, no need for furure to make you better.

  3. Rebecca


    Pleas tell me that one’s going on a shirt.

  4. Tim


    “Pleas tell me that one’s going on a shirt.”


  5. MBL


    Shirt. Shirt NOW.

  6. Me want this t-shirt.

  7. What the world needs, right, is some sort of meta-Edison shirt that displays (using E-ink technology, maybe, a bit of bluetooth and a web-enabled mobile phone) whatever Edison is currently thinking. So you could be sitting in a bar, showing some girlie your rather nifty meta-Edison shirt and suddenly the characters would shift and swarm and the new words would say something utterly, unforgivably awful.

    The RISK! No longer would our T-shirts reflect what we want to say about ourselves (an outmoded notion) — they would reflect the fact that we’re totally willing to hand over that responsibility to Edison — and, by proxy, Mister Ellis! Everyday situations suddenly become unpredictable and we are forced to look at the world in a whole new way!

    There’s also the added fear that perhaps, one day, Mister Ellis will go crazy with madness and put something utterly filthy from modblog on your chest.

    …I have re-read that last sentence and I have decided not to change it.

  8. One day you’ll realize that Edison Hate Future is your legacy.

    You’re gonna drink like a frat boy that night.

  9. Matt Murphy

    Matt Murphy

    How would that be different from any other night, then?

  10. This one makes me just squee ^_^
    And here I thought I was the only one who used that phrase Slutmonkey!
    I need this on a shirt too.. babydoll tee perferably:P Stop teasing make with the shirts allready and we will dish out the cash and more of our love!

  11. Niels


    Why is there no Edison Hate Future print (that I know of)? That may very well be *why* Edison hate future so.

    Or, wait–is this a blatant attempt to get picked up by Marvel Icon? Powers did a whole issue of slutmonkey, and Icon was pretty much created to take it in. Yes, this could work.

  12. Mr BunchyPants

    Mr BunchyPants

    timing is everything.

  13. MrPerson




    Bwahahah. Those last two lines made the picture.

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