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  1. Ferry Ferry

    Second life always seemed vaguely creepy.

  2. Daniel Daniel

    What with the furries and the John Norman fans, I should be getting hazard pay.

    But hey, now I have something to wear to work.

  3. Ooo… nice! I found out about this from

    Have you seen some of the inspired gear like the Transmetropolitan gear in SL? Aliasi Stonebender made a hippo (the national animal of SL) called SLider Jerusalem, and Mark Linden’s avatar has that distinctive eyewear too. :)

  4. Heh, Torley pointed this out. T-shirts are always cool, too.

    As for creepiness… eh, on the whole I’d rather be in a place where it’s displayed for all to see instead of hidden behind social niceties. And, contriwise, to learn that sometimes the weird ones are the most well-adjusted to a weird world… *grin*

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