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The Family Heirloom

A family heirloom is not going over well with police.

The mummified body of a baby kept by a Concord, N.H., family has drawn attention from investigators. The current keeper of the baby, Charles Peavey, said the tiny mummy has been passed down in his family for many years.

Concord police recently got word of the remains and they took them in for testing. A forensic anthropologist will examine the tiny corpse.

Peavey said the mummy belonged to his great-great uncle, who was born in Ashland in 1850. The family estimated that the mummy is 90 years old. It was discovered among the uncle’s possessions in 1947 in Manchester, N.H…

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  1. Ferry Ferry

    I have something like that, only its a mouse instead of a fetus, and its kept in a tupperware butter dish

  2. Antiques Roadshow. A mummified baby. A dotty old woman.

    “How much do you think it should be insured for?”

    A crowd, aghast.

  3. Fucking hell.
    Imagine finding the thing amongst a dead relative’s effects.

  4. Susan Susan

    Damnit! I could have SWORN such weirdness would have been German. Hmph.

  5. Camilla Camilla

    Wow. In my family, we have an heirloom christening dress. My friend’s family
    has a collection of teapots or something.

    I would *love* to know the story behind this one.

  6. meg meg

    that’s roughly as creepy as i expected it to be. and now i’m chewing the meat from my soup with an image of dead baby in my head. somehow, this does not make it tastier.

    note to self: do not check warren ellis’s website on lunch break.

  7. RMC RMC

    Which brave policeman will travel back to the past to make an arrest?

  8. My family only keeps the skinned-off faces of door-to-door salesmen and religious evangelists encountered throughout the years.
    It’s not as fancy as a mmmified baby, though they look good on the wall of the throphy-room.

  9. Jesus, Anders, you said ‘mmmified’. Mmm-ified! As in: made delicious!

    I hope that was a typo.

  10. It was, but it works the way it was written too :D

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