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  1. That Ravenous soundtrack is fucking great. So rickety, so goddamned creepy — it’s perfect. Check out the new(ish) Morricone collection called “Crime and Dissonance” for a similar feel, minus the frontier time period of course.

  2. this is very ood Mr Ellis, as it happend i was seraching for my Ravenous OST last night. i dont think i have listened to it in 3 or 4 years but for some reason it occured to me that it was truly amazing. Since i couldnt find it i ended up watching the DVD again (the transfer could be better in this day and age)

    /ramble off

  3. I’ve been noticed a lot of bands from Constellations Records (or one their associated companies). Granted, SFTF is Kranky (I think?), I recall seeing some A Silver Mt Ziona nd the Tra La La Band – czech out http://www.cstrecords.com/

    You might find more music that you really enjoyed.

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