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Columbine 2: Yet Another Crappy Sequel

Police in the US state of Kansas say they have foiled an attack on a school on the seventh anniversary of the Columbine massacre.

Five boys, aged 16 to 18, were arrested after a message on a website warned students at the school in Riverton to wear bullet-proof vests on 20 April.

Police said they found guns, bullets and knives at the home of one suspect.

In 1999, two pupils shot dead 12 fellow students and a teacher before killing themselves at Columbine in Colorado.

The alleged plot at Riverton High was foiled after a message was posted on My, a website popular with teenagers. The message said the attack would target a dozen students and a member of staff on 20 April, which is also Hitler’s birthday. A student e-mailed a friend in North Carolina with the rumours and she rang the police.

Authorities said the suspects planned to wear black trench coats just as Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold had done when carrying out the Columbine massacre…

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  1. Maciej G. Maciej G.

    I love how some of the news sources here also mention that these fellas enjoyed playing violent video games. I am sure thats what realle made them do it.

  2. Ooooo…bad ju-ju, but I’d have done it, ratatattat.

    Thank all that I was not only unlovely but poor as well. Pain is cheap and so is anger but not so much the AK.

  3. el_randall el_randall

    when columbine occured, i was heard to say ‘thats just one demographic we need less of in the states. high scool kids’.
    and please let the record reflect that i also love playing violent video games, in fact it is my job to do so, and they make me want to kill jsut as much as violent comics or movies.

  4. el_randall el_randall

    um, let me clairify, i know the difference between right and wrong, and would never beleive that the media that influences my life would lead me to beleive that any violent act is correct. unless they deserved it first.

  5. Random_Tangent Random_Tangent

    “Authorities said the suspects planned to wear black trench coats just as Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold had done when carrying out the Columbine massacre…”

    Little bastards can’t even do research properly. The original little bastards didn’t wear trenchcoats. One wore what could pass for regular clothes and the other was apparently outfitted in some kind of cross between waders and overalls.

  6. One of the most frightening/fascinating things about the world is that you can never know exactly what the little fucker next door is planning.

    And they boasted about this little plan of theirs on MySpace, eh? Ah, I lament the explosion of shock and surprise that has utterly failed to wrack the jaded neurons of my forebrain.

    Stout kickings for them all.

  7. And who says Myspace isn’t good for anything?

  8. Tim Tim

    Well they belonged to the “trenchcoat mafia” and wore black trenchcoats in their leisure time while shooting things with shotguns and pistols and whatnot. So you know everyone thinks of neo busting in with 50 guns under his coat blowing things apart.

  9. Perry J Perry J

    Odd way to celebrate Hitlers Birthday. They should have spent the day painting like an amature, banning smoking in public, and blaming all their problems on the jews.

    As for me, I did what I do every April 20th… smoked enough dope to kill an elephant. Different cultures, different traditions. Thank god I live in British Columbia.

  10. All I did april 20th was to watch these old films of Hitler porn my grandfather brought home from the war…

  11. Singular Quartet Singular Quartet

    Intelligence is not some people’s forte.

  12. I don’t celebrate Hitler’s birthday. Genocidal totalitarians are nothing new.

    I celebrate HP Lovecraft’s birthday.

  13. Tim Tim

    Lovecraft was born august 20th which would be 8/20.
    He was a racist and sexist which is just as bad as celebrating Hitler even if the guy did write some entertaining things.

  14. “Police said they found guns, bullets and knives at the home of one suspect.”

    Only one?

    Three decades ago, a friend of mine started up some rumors about a terrorist attack on the high school, just for giggles. There being no Internet in those days, the rumors were spread via writings on bathroom stalls. First they’d put out a request for explosives, a few days later another note thanking people for donating explosives.

    A frantic investigation by the authorities ensued, and eventually my friend and his partner were found out. The “prisoner’s dilemma” was played on them and they ratted themselves out. Fortunately, the authorities in those days were a bit smarter than they are now, and they quickly figured out that it was all a hoax played for laughs. The perps’ parents were fined a few thousand dollars plus they had to pay for re-painting the bathroom stalls to remove their graphitti.

    My friend graduated from that high school, went on to college and became fairly wealthy in the computer-software business.

    But I also know for a fact that at my friend’s house, there were “guns, bullets and knives,” (consisting of one shotgun, two handguns, about 200 or so bullets, and the usual complement of kitchen knives) owned by his father. And nobody gave a rat’s ass.

    Journalists are so fucking stupid these days it’s disgusting.

  15. Tim Tim

    re: scott

    its not entirely the journalists fault. right now we are a country prettymuch running on fear-fuel. all the news and just about everything said in government press conferences and announcements run the lines of telling us what we should all be afraid of and what could, may, might, possibly hurt main kill or destroy us but they aren’t really sure. tune in at 11 to find out what city might be the target of a possible terrorist attack.

    of course then laws get passed on the basis of this fear concept that lets the government punish anything they deem as terrorism. the government is mostly corrupt though, in that tom clancy’s jack ryan universe sense where a lot of the higher ups are corrupt doing bad bad things but there are a few good people, like ted kennedy. kids will be kids, i knew a kid who called a bombthreat into my highschool. of course a kid like that isn’t very smart so his call was easily traced back to him and he got expelled, last i heard he was just some druggie burn out. we actually had a runing count of bomb threats though, by my senior year it was something like eight. stupid things like that i understand, it is a bit of a cry for help or at least a warning that those kinds of things aren’t tolerated. when it gets to the level of physical violence however then screw the tolerance that kid should have fun in juvi/jail.

    course i found this out a while ago, kids in juvi or criminals being sentenced can be manditorily placed in our good ole american armed services. so when you stab a guy in the throat or rob a convience store or get caught smoking crack be mindful you can get rewarded by being athletically trained and taught how to fire guns accurately, in prison you only get that first one.

  16. Odd, I am preety sure quite a few schools in the US have spring break on the week of April 20th, which makes shooting up the school in a whirlwind of destruction and stupidity, quite, well stupider.

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