12 thoughts on “Don’t Look”

  1. I don’t know why I do this to myself other than “Warren said to and, well, he writes good comics and stuff” that is beginning to not be enough of an excuse anymore. At least I wasn’t at work this time.

  2. I clicked, but did not go past the censored image. I’m far too innocent to find out what the hell that was even though I had no problem seeing severed heads with their genitalia in their mouths. I think its because I’m numb to violence but sexual perversions beyond my own frighten me, and I’m rather perverse.

  3. Sweet tentacled horrors. I know some people get creepily obsessive over starwars the way i get over Lovecraft, but no matter Vader resembles a giant dildo, vader-helmets are not meant for vaginal insertion.

    unless i am entirely misunderstanding the image, which is likely.

    Anyone else remember the diseased-shrunken-and-occasionaly-inverted-penises Don’t Look post? I was sitting down to a plate of pizza-rolls when i saw that. the pizzaroll i ate before clicking was the last pizzaroll i ever ate.

  4. Serves you right for thinking pizza-roll is actually food.

    Seriously though… I know how you feel. It’s called Emotional Association, and it’s a bad thing.

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