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  1. Marc Manzo Marc Manzo

    Holy shit! This is so weird! A few days ago I was reading a movie review and the guy who did the music was other Warren Ellis on there! Then I saw you were on there too!

  2. Yep, I came across your name on IMDB when I was researching JLA episodes (last week’s was pretty dang good). I’ve only watched it sporadically, but hopefully I’ll catch the one you wrote sometime soon.

    This J-Bolt sounds truly pathetic. A delusional con artist. Yikes. Good thing no one’s buying his brand of BS. He reminds me of an old neighborhood friend who always told tall tales (including being a published SF author at the age of 14). I ended up feeling sorry for him, though (physical abuse in his background).

  3. oddly, i was reading your wiki earlier and have consequently been making my way through hunter s. thompson’s kentucky derby article. it’s like watching spider all over again!

  4. toysrevil toysrevil

    you’re da man!

    (i have one too, but nobody’ll give two shittes, so yeah LOL)

  5. matt matt

    Warren, did you get to meet Tom Baker?

  6. Yeah, I spent a day in the studio with Tom Baker when he recorded the narration I’d written for HOSTILE WATERS. Fun.

  7. Jacob Shelton Jacob Shelton

    So do I…it looks like I’ve been producing, writing, and directing some truly crappy films while blacked out. Again.

  8. Matt Matt

    pfft, where have you been man, that been on there ages. I submitted the trivia for the GF pilot when ever that got released on to the web, and that was year or so ago.

  9. brandon brandon

    after clicking on the link, i was assaulted by a little girl with no mouth advertising the silent hill movie

  10. Johnny Anarchy Johnny Anarchy

    Warren Ellis II: Psychsomatic Boogaloo

  11. Ralph Pfister Ralph Pfister

    I can’t believe that no one did upload a completely fake bio of Internet Jesus to that.

  12. …does it say that you’re Warren Ellis the 2nd?

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