13 thoughts on “I Am Teh Famous”

  1. Holy shit! This is so weird! A few days ago I was reading a movie review and the guy who did the music was other Warren Ellis on there! Then I saw you were on there too!

  2. Yep, I came across your name on IMDB when I was researching JLA episodes (last week’s was pretty dang good). I’ve only watched it sporadically, but hopefully I’ll catch the one you wrote sometime soon.

    This J-Bolt sounds truly pathetic. A delusional con artist. Yikes. Good thing no one’s buying his brand of BS. He reminds me of an old neighborhood friend who always told tall tales (including being a published SF author at the age of 14). I ended up feeling sorry for him, though (physical abuse in his background).

  3. pfft, where have you been man, that been on there ages. I submitted the trivia for the GF pilot when ever that got released on to the web, and that was year or so ago.

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