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  1. matt matt

    god, i love the fucking specials. Their first album is massively underrated. Gives ska the punch of punk rock without all the cheeziness that came with it in later years.

  2. And Susumu Yokota, too – that’s probably my favourite record of his, although Sakura is good too.

  3. I’ve been getting back into the ska lately.

    If you can find it, check out Eastern Standard Time. Good guys, great music.

  4. I love Amon Tobin, chaotic and clanky without the poundy. His stuff avoids the repetitiveness and predictability of a lot of post-industrial electronica.

  5. jeff jeff

    check out the upcoming Peeping Tom album – assembled by Mike Patton and the Automator, featuring Amon tobin, kool Keith, Amon tobin, and tons others. it very meaty.

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