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  1. i will be impressed when one really gets the tattoos.

  2. jwz jwz

    That one has finally captured the deep sleaziness that a lot of the earlier models were lacking.

  3. I agree with jwz, though this one is missing one thing: a cigarette. I’m wondering where these guys are getting their glasses.

  4. Fernando Fernando

    No cigarette = no Spider. Nice effort on the scalp tattoo, however.

  5. Mister Ellis:

    These people — this legion of Richard O’Brien lookalikes — will haunt you for the rest of your life. Their numbers will never wane.

    Someone dressed as Spider Jerusalem will be at your memorial service. He will have a faultlessly straight face and a beautifully polished head.

    Do you ever, when all is quiet and you are far enough away from anyone who might hear, do you ever feel the need to laugh at the sky? Point at the clouds? Say “I will be remembered longer than You, oh Commonly Capitalized One?”

  6. I actually met my wife-to-be whilst dressed as Spider. Of course she referred to me as Lex Luthor throughout that particular party. Of course I took the opportunity of enlightening her by lending her the comics, and thus our relationship was born.

    Thanks Warren!

  7. I think the glasses are selfmade. They’re copyrighted/trademarked/whatever, right?

  8. JZA JZA

    You used to be able to buy the official glasses from DC.

  9. Napalm Dog Napalm Dog

    It’s turning into a strange version of the ending of ‘V for Vendetta’. Spiders coming out of the damn walls! Someone was actually making and selling the glasses, but if I remember correctly very limited production.

  10. Savannah Savannah

    That’s hot.

  11. Ken Ken

    Ironically enough, a good Guy Fawkes mask is bloody hard to find.

  12. Hardrock Hardrock

    Heh. That’s actually a friend of mine. Prior to the convention where he did the Spider Jerusalem thing, he had a quite a bit of hair, both head and facial. Surprised a hell of a lot of people. Never seen anyone do Spider nearly as well as he did.

  13. dj.retcon dj.retcon

    At the time of this photo, I had been in character for seven hours and had just sogged through yet another fag — the hotel doesn’t allow smoking indoors, and those filters withstand only so much drool. My bad for not ensuring a fresh cigarette was dangling from my lips at every photo op. Likely I would still be dinged for choosing a tan-bodied brand of cloves to clench between my teeth instead of a pure white brand to match how Carcinoma Angels were depicted. Ya pedantic bastard.

    Anders, JZA:
    Steve kitbashed his own; mine were from the small run of merchandizing tie-in DC/Vertigo did some years back, which my then-gf lucked into snagging while they were in stock.

    Savannah, Hardrock:

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