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The following is a press release from Image Comics:

Five Eisner Award nominations. Three issues sold out. Still only $1.99, the best deal in comics. FELL is having the best week ever.

Image Comics has announced it is going back to print on three separate issues of FELL – new printings on the two most recent issues (#3 and #4) along with a FOURTH printing for FELL #1. In keeping with previous re-printings, each new printing of FELL will feature the same cover and content, with no variants.

Aside from its amazing creative team and universal praise, what sets FELL apart is its unique format – coming in at only $1.99 for 24 pages, the ultra-compact story delivers more bang for the buck and is pioneering what is quickly being nicknamed the “FELL Format” comic book.

“It’s absurd that we are doing another printing of a $1.99 comic featuring a nun wearing a Richard Nixon mask. But as long as retailers keep selling ’em, we’ll keep printing ’em,” said Ellis. “And to think some retailers accused us of leaving money on the table. We seem to be hoovering it up pretty damn good, no?”

To top off its incredible sales velocity, it was also announced that FELL had received FIVE separate Eisner Award nominations – Best Continuinig Series, Best New Series, Best Writer, Best Painter/ Multimedia Artist and Best Lettering. The Eisner Awards winners will be announced at this year’s San Diego Comic Con International.

FELL is the first book from Image Comics to encompass this new format, but not the last. Debuting in June will be the second “Fell- Format” book, CASANOVA, a sci-fi espionage epic by Matt Fraction (Punisher: War Journal) and Gabriel Ba (Rock’n’Roll).

Don’t miss out on one of the hottest books on the stands, advance orders are available now for FELL #5 (NOV051740), which is scheduled to be in stores late May, the same time as these new printings. Also, still available for order is the 3rd Printing of FELL #2 (DEC058380).

These new printings – FELL 2ND PRINTING #3 (FEB068169), FELL 2ND PRINTING #4 (FEB068170) and FELL 4TH PRINTING #1 (FEB068168) – are available now for advance re-order. Your local retailer can contact their Diamond Customer Service Representative for ordering.


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  1. Tek Tek

    Oh no. Your dick just got this much:



    Gratz, ya bastard! =)

  2. You know that length changes depending on your monitor and screen resolution, right?

  3. NinjaDebugger NinjaDebugger

    What a surprise. You offer quality goods for lower prices and lots of people are buying. That’s simply not possible. You’re obviously buying all these comics yourself.

  4. J Stanto J Stanto

    Fell is the best deal in comics…period. After years of hard work, I make enough not to have to worry about my comics addiction. However I cannot commend you enough on how refreshing it is to see a reasonably priced comic, with the substance that Fell has. I can only express it though interpretative dance, and unfortunately the FCC took my web cam away due to lewd and unnatural conduct. I commend you Mr. Ellis. Thank you for a thinking person’s book.

  5. FELL is just better. period. price, content, art… ye dark tentacled whiskey-swilling gods, it’s the obvious result of pairing Internet Jesus with a great artist and letting them do what they will with the book.

    I hold Fell in insanely high regard, equal to Hellblazer, which was the one comic i kept reading when i was between jobs and trying to save up for a big move to another town. i’d filch change out of the lint-trap of my parents’ dryer to buy hellblazer singles, and if i hadn’t succeeded int he whole moving-to-a-place-with-better-jobs thing, i’d be raiding someone else’s lint-traps to get the money together for Fell.

  6. Sean Sean

    Freaking sellout.


    Reprints? That’s good news. Here in Ottawa, Ontario I have never even
    touched the first 3 issues of Fell (thanks for posting #1 online!),
    not to mention issue one of both Blackgas and Desolation Jones. (I
    went ahead and read the latter’s script, though!) In fact, the only
    comics written by “the Mind-Controlling Internet Jesus” that aren’t
    selling so well are his Ultimate titles…heh. What does that tell you?

    By the way, is Jack Cross discontinued?

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