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  1. Eh.. I’d give Eagles of Death Metal a miss. I’m a fan of related bands like QOTSA, Kyuss, the Desert Sessions, Mondo Generator, Fun Manchu &c and found the Eagles of Death Metal to be quite disappointing.

  2. after i purchased that exact boards of canada, and popped it into my cd player on the drive home, i suddenly remembered what you had to say about it months ago…

    it’s been over a month and i still can’t get too far into it…

  3. oh. yeah. low. great destroyer is very good. they tend to have large amounts of bass frequencies in their recordings. i purchased the great destroyer on the same trip that i bought that exact boards of canada, and that exact broken social scene…

    what sort of messages are you transmitting directly to my brain from afar, mr. ellis?

  4. You Forgot It In People is an unbelievably great album!
    Great choice. :)

    Go check out Múm from Iceland if you can. There’s some creepy haunting … delightful! stuff there.

  5. So many people aren’t terribly impressed with The Campfire Headphase. I’m really into it, it’s just as exciting and experimental as their past records. What exaclty is it that turns people off about it? The guitar? If anything, I think that adds to the album as a whole. Dayvan Cowboy is one of the best songs BoC have recorded.

  6. Broken Social Scene has run up my list of faves in the past couple of years. Amazing stuff. And the newest album is excellent. Warren, I think you’re the only other person I know of who’s listening to them. Cheers.

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