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links for 2006-04-16


  1. cancer23 cancer23

    So there will be a real moon landing this time. Real because the Van Allen belt seems to do no real damage to electronics. Anti-communism flights can also nulify the belt.

  2. I guess those japanese are too lazy to do it themselves.

    What will happen when the robots smart up and create the sovereign nation of Robotopia?

  3. fuck, i just watched F FOR FAKE again last night and was wondering if HEARTS OF AGE ever made it online anywhere…

  4. It will be called Robotania. And their main export will be Dismay.


    “Meshes of the Afternoon” is a “hugely important experimental film”?
    I’ll take your word for it, Mr. Ellis, but thanks for the link to
    “Hearts of Age”. Isn’t Spider’s Warm Up a letdown? Who’s interested
    in cursing and banalities?

  6. bob bob

    Maya Deren clearly had some impact on David Lynch at the very least.
    She was an interesting character- a New York based dancer and experimental film-maker who visited Haiti and became seriously interested in voodoo. Her book on the subject, “Divine Horsemen: the Living Gods of Haiti” is worth a read.

  7. Joltz Joltz

    God, we watched that Maya Deren film in class last week. How I loathe the soundtrack.

  8. Hundred Handed One Hundred Handed One

    I always imagined Spider’s voice to sound like soft gravel and booze. If I were Internet Hesuess, I would be sort of freaked out. Imagine waking up to that guy like in the Burger King “King” commercials.

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