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  1. Ken Ken

    … wasps?


  2. Jesus

    I hadn’t seen the wasps. It was bad enough without the wasps.

    Angry wasps too, no doubt. Well! You’d be angry too if you were sharing a vaccuum jar with an engorged Germanic cock.

  3. From the site proper: “They refused to sting me until I ran around and rolled over on the ground flopping my cock around and on top of them and then they both stung me.”

    You know, they have drugs to get it up and engorged. Why you’d need to beat the shit out of some defenseless wasps is beyond me. But there’s probably a market for the video footage of the moron jumping up and down and rolling around on the ground screaming, “Sting, damn you, sting! Ow, fuck! Stop stinging!”.


    sorry, I just had to do that. I will go wash myself till my soul feels clean now.

  5. el randall el randall

    wasps you say? i though he was setting himself up for so awesome fly fishing…………

  6. Andy Andy

    I try real hard not to be judgemental of other people’s kinks. I really, really do.

    That being said:


  7. I know! I mean, wasps. Amateur.

    Real men swathe their loveshafts in Portugese Man-O’-War tentacles. If you’re not quite up to that, you can always dip yourself into a nest of black widow spiders.

  8. DaveH DaveH

    You are such a fucking cockbite Warren.

  9. Jacob Jacob

    Not even a warning this time.

    Eyes burn. I think my brain is bleeding. Make the hurting stop.

  10. Johnny Anarchy Johnny Anarchy

    Really, the guy is just being sensible…

    When the great Killer Bee swarm finally comes his cock will be immune to their sting. That way, he can cut a swathe through the rampaging insects, leading his small band of survivors to safety.

    Either that, or he wants a sacful of sperm bullets in order to machine-gun holes through an unsuspecting uterus.

  11. Rob X. Rob X.

    Pfft. BME already had those pics of a guy cutting his cock off. It’ll be awhile before I am shocked again.

  12. Earl Earl

    You know, I’m a pretty liberal guy. A “You do whatever you want as long as no one else gets hurt” kind of guy. But that shit is just plain wrong. I’m drawing a line in the sand. That shit is wrong.

  13. Christian O. Christian O.


  14. Thanks for the warning. :-P

  15. kmcleod kmcleod

    That’s not big, that’s just plain swollen…

  16. Dez Dez

    DUDE! You’re supposed to put this sort of shit in a link with “Don’t look!!” on it. Then when your readers are traumatized it’s their own damn fault.

    I always look, but still!

    And as George Wallace says, “Some people need to be in jail.” Because if you’ve become that jaded in your sex life that you need to park wasps on your genitalia, you have problems.

  17. Haley Haley

    ….God damn you, Ellis.


  18. Jesus, Warren. Where do you get this shit? You are one twisted dude, y’know?

  19. Paul Paul

    What this guy really needs is some genetically modified wasps that produce Viagra instead of venom in their stings.

    That way we can use human sexual peccadillos to drive and fund the advance of biotechnology in the same way porn advanced internet technology and humanity can fuck its way to the flying car Jetson future we all deserve.

  20. I have my eyebrow pierced, does that put me on the same level of hardness?

  21. Ben Ben

    After commiting treasonous offences against the Queen of the Zzachthathuru Hive, Zzm BizzZrch and Humzzbr Brzzchch were sentanced to that, the most rare and horrid of executions, Death By Flogging in the cyclander of justice. Though they fought valliantly against thier cycloptic executioner, their efforts served only to grant him more girth and power than before! Before giving in to thier extensive hemmhoraging, Zzm turned to Humzzbr, and embraced him as a brother. “I love you Humzzbr” he spoke through raspy mandibles, “and I you Zzm!” Humbrr replied – a final stike and then sweet oblivion.

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