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  1. I don’t know if it’s the pumping action or the giant butt-plug that bothers me most…

  2. Bill Cunningham

    Bill Cunningham

    I’m wondering what you fill it with…

    The image is burned into my brain: kids running around squirting one another…and in the mouth…

  3. Andrew Diroll

    Andrew Diroll

    It would make more sense if it was Robin.

  4. oh god, I think I owned one of these.

  5. Funy, I always pictured Bats as being more of a top.

  6. Or should that be bat plug?

  7. J. Williams

    J. Williams

    I always thought Adam West was plugged in the rectum and used prosthetic genitals in place of the real things. Behold, I now have seen the truth. My brain will never be the same….

  8. This is the 3-D version of Monty Python’s “Funniest Joke in the World”. I cannot look at this pic for fear of laughing myself to death.
    To quote Lil’ Jon:”Auuwww, Skeet, Skeet, Skeet, Skeet”

  9. ye gads! no wonder they think we have an agenda…


  10. Doug


    You should see the holster!

  11. Zwergenbrut


    Very interesting, where you have to fill in the water or whatever you want to shoot with!

  12. Widgett Walls

    Widgett Walls

    What’s really sad is that, thanks to Hypertime, this is probably in “continuity” somewhere.

  13. Billy Cogan

    Billy Cogan


  14. Matrix Mole

    Matrix Mole

    Does that cound as being anatomically correct?

  15. Steve


    Eat bat-servility, you non-squirting evildoers! You don’t get these glutes without discipline. Yes folks, your fetish-precocious children are loved too. Design competition category, anyone?

    Where does he get those marvelous toys? No, not THAT one. -boot-

  16. Wait till Jerry Falwell sees this
    Found at Warrenellis. For obvious reasons, I’m going to reserve comment……

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