8 thoughts on “Katie West Is The Best”

  1. Summary of the previous three comments:
    “I’d hit it.”

    Of all the sites to euphemize what you’re trying to say at, you pick this one?

  2. For the record, my above comment is in no way meant to imply “I’d hit it.”

    My comment was meant to imply that Warren Ellis has many pretty friends. Andy, above, clearly does not have pretty friends and is therefore jealous.

  3. Suuuuuuure it didn’t.

    And you’re right. My friends are all ugly.

    Mr. Cracked-Handle Coffee Mug is ugly

    Madame Heap Of Filthy Clothes is ugly

    Sir Desk Chair From 1950? UG-LY.

    even Lady Semen-Crusted Sock With A Hole In The Heel is ugly as sin, though she loves me dearly.

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