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  1. Luke Luke

    God help me, first we get Julia Stiles getting to work with Mamet and now this asshole
    in the Caine Mutiny? Something has gone seriously wrong in American theater I tell you what.
    I’m just looking forward to Vin Diesel’s take on Willy Loman to cement it.

  2. Les Pasnak Les Pasnak

    It might not be so bad. I thought he did a good job in ‘Band of Brothers’ and Duane Hopwood. I find the planned remake of the Wild Bunch to be more troubling.

  3. Matt Park Matt Park

    Where the holy hell did you find this?!

  4. In…BOGART’S…part???

    Obviously the End Times have come.—Al

  5. I thought he was so bad in BAND OF BROTHERS that I stopped watching it.

  6. Graham Graham

    Band of Brothers was awesome, and Schwimmer was fine in it. He was also good in Uprising and Duane Hopwood.

    He was also good in Friends, for what it’s worth. I guess it’s probably more hip to hate that show though.

    Down with popular things!

  7. Les Pasnak Les Pasnak

    Mr. Ellis, he was only in the first two episodes. You shouldn’t let him turn you off the whole series. Also, many of the veterans thought he did an accurate portrayal of Captain Sobel. But if the Internet Jesus demands it, the streets will run red with his blood.

  8. Thing is though, he’s actually appropriate for the part of Greenwald, the reluctant lawyer. And what’s interesting is Ivanek, an excellent actor in everything I’ve seen him in (and he gets the fuck around) is playing Queeg. I wish I could see this.

  9. Maciej G. Maciej G.

    Finish watching the BAND OF BROTHERS. Shwimmer doesnt last long there, and the series is superb.

  10. you can’t handle the truth!

  11. Schwimmer was perfecty cast in APT PUPIL as a total dick.

  12. Yeah, Schwimmer is good at being a dick.
    And BoB was tiresome, but watch it, by all means. Just don’t pay for it.
    (I can hardly wait until the Germans make a series about THEIR brave, elite heroes; the Waffen SS. Or, if they’d actually balk at portraying SS as human beings, how about the FallschirmJ√ɬ§gers?)

  13. Lazy-Eyed David Schwimmer will cut you all for your comments:

  14. Fred Hunder Fred Hunder

    Yeah. David Schwimmer is good on stage. I found him out before “Friends,” so it was surprising for me to see him in a comedic role on t.v. Go figure.

  15. Bethany Bethany

    Band of Brothers was awful. Go watch some Terrence Malick, people.

  16. Ren Ren

    I thought he was totally awesome in Madagascar. I totally believed he was a neurotic giraffe. So what if he was typecast?

    And, um, yes. Totally kidding.

  17. I’m a life-long Chicagoan and I’ve seen him in a few productions. He’s got alot more range than sitcom crapola I can tell you. Of course, I’ve never seen “friends” and would rather have my eyeballs removed by scorpions than watch it so maybe his work there shat all over his good will.

  18. Les Pasnak Les Pasnak

    Malick? Are you serious? It was a beautiful looking movie but it was swamped with cliches.

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