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Prosthetic Nipples

Nipple Enhancers have suddenly become the hottest “breast improvement” must-have among Japanese women.

“We set up an online sales page in July last year. We didn’t sell a single set. Then, in about October last year, we slowly started to move some. Sales started trickling through right about the time the tennis world started taking notice of Russian star Maria Sharapova, who was becoming known in the local media for her tight shirts that always showed the outline of her nipples,” Takashi Fujiki, president of JT Kikaku, the company that has been importing Nipple Enhancers to Japan for the past two years, tells… “We put in an additional order for another 500 pieces right at the end of last year and they sold out immediately. We get about 10 orders a day, but our stocks are depleted. We’ve put in additional orders for another 1,000 sets in January alone.”

JT Kikaku imports Nipple Enhancers from Canada and sells them at a retail price of 1,200 yen apiece. Nipple Enhancers are made from polyurethane, have a circumference of some 4.5 centimeters and weigh about 1 gram. The circular center part of the project protrudes. Nipple Enhancers are equipped with adhesive that allows them to be attached to bras or directly onto the skin…

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  1. Melinda Melinda

    I’d like to know when the episode of Sex In The City with the prosthetic nipples first aired in Japan and compare that to when the nipples started selling. That episode inspired three women I know to BUY the damned things… and I don’t know many women.
    The reaction of the male characters on the show was… interesting, but you get the same result from piercings.

  2. They look like little samurai hats. henceforth, my new euphamism for protruding nipples will be \”shoguns,\” as in \”hey, check out her shoguns.\”

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