Because Robot Soldiers Don’t Complain About Not Being Issued Armour

The rain is turning to snow on a blustery January morning, and all the men gathered in a parking lot here surely would prefer to be inside. But the weather couldn’t matter less to the robotic sharpshooter they are here to watch as it splashes through puddles, the barrel of its machine gun pointing the way like Pinocchio’s nose. The Army is preparing to send 18 of these remote-controlled robotic warriors to fight in Iraq beginning in March or April.

Made by a small Massachusetts company, the SWORDS, short for Special Weapons Observation Reconnaissance Detection Systems, will be the first armed robotic vehicles to see combat…

6 thoughts on “Because Robot Soldiers Don’t Complain About Not Being Issued Armour”

  1. Very cool. Hey, do you think you could make your links open in a new browser window? I know I can right click, etc but I forget about that too often. Thanks.

  2. Great! But can they humiliate prisoners like we americans and brits can?! That’s going to be the real test of their effectiveness in Iraq!

  3. Only a matter of time before the forces of terr hit back with the nano-fanatic. A microscopic bomb jockey that hides in your charlie and blows your septum off. Or maybe they’ll just dig some big holes or go upstairs.

  4. Didn’t Bugs Bunny use one against the axis of Elmer Fudd and Yosemite Sam in ‘Hare Raid’ ? It prompted the exchange ‘ (Fudd)”Sneaky Wabbit”(Sam)”One Real Dirty Sidewinder!” a possible source for the acronym.

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