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VOICES: New Media Fiction

“Since podcasting began, writers have been releasing their stories over their own podcasts. Both the beginners and the pros have experimented with reading their stories in serialized form.

“Voices: New Media Fiction is the first anthology to bring several of these stories together. With everything from short flash pieces to lengthy novellas, Voices has eighteen stories spread over 23 files to join you in your MP3 player everywhere you go.

“We hope this is Volume One, as people keep writing and podcasting, there is always more content.”

Contains work by friends Cory Doctorow, Jared Axelrod and JR Blackwell, the latter of whom also created the cover art:

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  1. Andy Andy

    Same name as my schools Literary magazine. Weird.

  2. Ana Ana

    this shit is fly, yo

  3. Mur’s stuff is always very good. I’m hoping that podcasting can revive the short fiction market for science fiction. This is definitely another good step in that direction.

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