Spook For The Mouse

Some of you may have felt a little underqualified to become a manhunter for Special Operations Command. Never fear. An anonymous pal has found a job almost as good: “Intelligence Analyst” for the Walt Disney Company.

Yeah, you read that right: a spook for the Mouse… “highly developed Internet skills” and “US Government security clearance (at least Secret-level) desirable.”

Employer: The Walt Disney Company
Sector: Public
Type: Job
Status: Full-time
Location: Burbank, CA
Title: Intelligence Analyst
THE SITUATION: Basic Purpose and Objective of the Position: The Intelligence Analyst anticipates and assesses threats that could harm, or make vulnerable, The Walt Disney Company (TWDC), its employees, guests, or assets…

10 thoughts on “Spook For The Mouse”

  1. It’s not surprising. As a company making an enormous profit corrupting the globe with American culture, they’re a reasonable terrorist target. Besides, their resorts encourage women to debase themselves by frolicking in large water parks wearing tiny immodest swimsuits. Not to mention affronting Allah with their support for the gay homersexuals

    They got the US Federal Aviation Administration to issue permanent temporary flight restrictions for the Disney World and Disneyland resorts and theme parks. Even the Feds contemplate the possibility someone might fly a 747 into It’s A Small World.

  2. I actually work at the National CounterTerrorism Center and I printed this job listing out and passed it around. I think a few people were actually interested. It’s become one of those chain email forward things, going around Intelligence Community email lists. I’m sure that they will be getting many applicants.

  3. “McDonalds is the enemy, in cahoots with walt disney…”
    You know, that makes even more sense now.
    But as undercover operatives they must suck, with the big Mickey ears sticking out like that.

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