10 thoughts on “Don’t Look”

  1. I am so proud of the fact that I have NEVER ONCE clicked on a “Don’t Look” link. Unlike Warren, I have neither aspirations for nor pretenses about being Hardcore.

  2. From personal experience, I think the blood is probably fake, or not the result of the piercings. Unless, of course, the needle hit a large blood vessel.

  3. Okay,
    #1 in order for a penis to be pierced it must be tumescent,
    #2 the head of the penis is at the end of the expandable carnosum of the penis body,
    #3 which fills with blood during tumescence
    #4 hence, when you poke a needle into a tumescent penis there is a loss of blood under pressure.
    And no, as a veteran of 5 piercings I have yet to attack my glans, but I have had fleeting thoughts . . .

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