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  1. brandon longstreth

    brandon longstreth

    i’ve seen worse

  2. Melinda


    Blood like that makes me wonder if he was hard when they did it. I’m going to cry and cup my phantom penis now.

  3. Fernando


    I am so proud of the fact that I have NEVER ONCE clicked on a “Don’t Look” link. Unlike Warren, I have neither aspirations for nor pretenses about being Hardcore.

  4. Pentheus


    From personal experience, I think the blood is probably fake, or not the result of the piercings. Unless, of course, the needle hit a large blood vessel.

  5. HangedWoman


    And of course I just look at it and think the color looks odd.

  6. Hassan


    I almost didnt click on that and then I did, and now I hate my fingers.

  7. Kat


    It could be worse, you know.

  8. Poked


    #1 in order for a penis to be pierced it must be tumescent,
    #2 the head of the penis is at the end of the expandable carnosum of the penis body,
    #3 which fills with blood during tumescence
    #4 hence, when you poke a needle into a tumescent penis there is a loss of blood under pressure.
    And no, as a veteran of 5 piercings I have yet to attack my glans, but I have had fleeting thoughts . . .

  9. once again, Warren is Right…


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