The Boy-Piss Vampire

A disturbing case was discovered Tuesday about a Central Ohio man who allegedly told police he likes to drink the urine of adolescent boys.

Alan Patton, 54, is in jail after allegedly telling Gahanna police that he enjoys drinking urine. Detective Ron Fithen interviewed Patton after he was arrested while leaving a movie theater last weekend.

“Listening to his describe it, it’s like listening to a crack or cocaine addict. He’s addicted to children’s urine,” Fithen said.

Police said Patton goes to family restaurants and movie theaters and waits for boys in a bathroom stall. Investigators said he shuts off the water to the child-level urinal and puts a cup in the bottom.

Patton allegedly told police that he leaves the stall after the child leaves. “He goes back and retrieves the cup and drinks the urine,” Fithen said.

Police said Patton told them it makes him sick, but that it’s almost spiritual to him. He allegedly added, “I like it because it makes me closer to them — like I’m drinking their youth.”

Police believe Patton has been collecting and drinking urine in cities around Central Ohio, including Hilliard, Westerville, Dublin, Worthington and Gahanna.

25 thoughts on “The Boy-Piss Vampire”

  1. Gahanna/Gehenna = Hell

    Originally it referred to a garbage dump in a deep narrow valley right outside the walls of Jerusalem (in modern-day Israel) where fires were kept burning to consume the refuse and keep down the stench. It is also the location where bodies of executed criminals, or individuals denied a proper burial, would be dumped. Today, “Gehenna” is often used as a synonym for Hell.

  2. So, truly fucking creepy and all (thanks Warren, shit not even the methadone makes it better)but what exactly is the crime? I think this person should have something brutal done to him by bad men who haven’t seen a proper woman for many a moon…but on what charge? And why did he tell police in the first place? Granted he’s fucking insane and all, but still.

  3. It does say in the article that a parent reported the guy looking at his child funny in the bathroom, which is why he was arrested or questioned. Heh, I don’t know what the charge would be though.

    Also, I thought I read somewhere that there was some ancient Chinese practice of drinking children’s urine or something. Or maybe some primitive culture, I don’t know; it seems vaguely familiar though.

  4. I get occasional reports of some new draconian law or other (or hysterically harsh enforcement of an otherwise reasonable law) from Ohio, and I always wondered what it is about that place.

    I’m beginning to understand now.

  5. I’ve done a lot of stupid things that began “I wonder what would happend if I tried this..,” but none of them ever ended with me drinking piss.. although, I’m not averse to German porn.

  6. What….is wrong….with…the world?!

    In days gone by these kinds of people were beaten with stones.
    but then the problem arises where do we draw the them and us line?

    Which leads to freedom issues….


    It is not normal or even sane to drink urine.
    Let alone young dude piss.

    Way more sugar than can be good for you.



    What kind of Barbarian is he???
    Doesn’t he know that the only way
    to drink piss is straight from the hose???

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