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  1. And the Lord decreed that all super-heroes shall have young nubile wards. And that those wards shall sleepeth in beds that appear to be within the same bed as said super-hero but upon closer inspection is actually a distinct bed despite identical covers.

    And He saw that it was good.

  2. Aloysha Star Aloysha Star

    It’s not our fault really…such a frame demands to be photoshopped in the most perverted way possible. Even sitcom married couples of the era had more space between their beds than these two do. It’s just…so…cracktastic.
    I blame society, not the fans.


    “A Golden Shower”? I knew there was more to rugged bachalors, who wear garish tight costumes, than violence against criminals! Bruce and his handsome young ward care so much about each other that they do everything together…everything! When they’re together! Bruce: “You’re my favorite Dick!”

  4. I don’t remember any super hero named Golden Shower.

    I give up. Was Dick originally Jimmy Olsen before the Photoshop?

  5. J J

    Y’all do realize that “…golden shower…” is the subtle photoshopping mentioned by Fra Ellis.

  6. Benjamin Pheloung Benjamin Pheloung

    It’s hardly subtle….even Batman would be hard pressed to lift a heavy eiderdown a clear two feet from the mattress with his morning wood.

  7. Millionaire Bruce Wayne could certainly afford gold plated bathroom fixtures and fittings if he wanted to. He’s Bruce Wayne dammit!

  8. I thought the photoshopping was Young Dick giving Master Bruce a nice morning stroke.

  9. Well, Batman and Robin get into a lot of fights. I’m sure they were just peeing on each other to help sterilize their open wounds. You know, to prevent infections.

  10. Jeff Jeff

    Oh! Alex, that was just too gross.

  11. VZG VZG

    Truly there is something good in a world where THIS is what we spread.

  12. mark mark

    so that what Garth Ennis plans to do the midnighter

  13. Just sweet. The yellow gold shadow to the text is dead perfect too. The PJs were the giveaway anyway.

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