14 thoughts on “Old Comics Zen”

  1. And the Lord decreed that all super-heroes shall have young nubile wards. And that those wards shall sleepeth in beds that appear to be within the same bed as said super-hero but upon closer inspection is actually a distinct bed despite identical covers.

    And He saw that it was good.

  2. It’s not our fault really…such a frame demands to be photoshopped in the most perverted way possible. Even sitcom married couples of the era had more space between their beds than these two do. It’s just…so…cracktastic.
    I blame society, not the fans.

  3. “A Golden Shower”? I knew there was more to rugged bachalors, who wear garish tight costumes, than violence against criminals! Bruce and his handsome young ward care so much about each other that they do everything together…everything! When they’re together! Bruce: “You’re my favorite Dick!”

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