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Dominik Diamond Pleases A Generation Of TV Viewers By Crucifying Self

The Scottish TV presenter and journalist Dominik Diamond is considering undergoing physical crucifixion as part of a controversial television documentary about Christianity.

Diamond, once a committed Christian, will try to rediscover his faith in a journey from Scotland, via the Vatican and Italy, to the Philippines, where Christians celebrate Easter by re-enacting Christ’s ordeal on the Cross.

Diamond said; “I’m in my mid-30s, I’ve got three kids and it’s about time I did something that didn’t involve cheap gags. You might as well aim high so I thought I’d try to find God.”

The documentary, Crucify Me, is being made for the Five channel by Ginger TV…

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  1. Pilitus Pilitus

    Something not involving cheap gags.
    Right. Because nailing yourself to a cross while somebody’s pointing a camera at you is not at all a cheap gag. In fact I’m sure it’s a quite expensive cheap stunt.

  2. Any hope of me getting to do the Crucifying? Or scourging? I’d see the Passion of the Gibson all over again if I got to play Roman.
    BUT, will he be X-ified through his wrists or his palms? The PROPER way of crucifixion is to nail ’em through the wrists or just above the wrists…
    Crucify! Crucify!

  3. mark mark

    if only man… if only.

  4. The_Pete The_Pete

    Don’t go expecting nine inch nails being hammered through his hands and feet (as entertaining as that would be). There are many ways to be crucified and I take it that he’s more of the loops-of-rope type.

  5. Can this sort of behaviour be encouraged in more journalists?

  6. Oh how amusing. Recently on the job I received a book by a forensic scientist who took it upon himself to figure out just HOW Jesus died on the cross. I flipped through the book (seriously, have to, checking for potential defects in printing) and all I could think was “this guy needs a new hobby.”

  7. HLoF HLoF

    Diamond? Journalist? Such flexibility in the english language.

  8. Aaron "Smurf" Murphy Aaron "Smurf" Murphy

    I read the headline here and at first thought: shit – he’s still taking Gamesmaster being
    cancelled pretty hard. Still, beats all that Richard & Judy and 100 Greatest whatever pundit jobs
    he was doing.

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