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Paavoharju are another of those Finnish bands on Fonal whom I love. I was really torn as to which song to offer, and I’ve kind of given up and taken the strange one in the middle. “Ilmaa Virtaa” is… god, I always feel like Jilly Goolden talking about wine when I try and describe these things. Sepia-coloured dark ambient choral chiptune with hints of glitch and found-sound. How’s that for some total bollocks? Except that it’s absolutely true. I never lie to you.

It’s off the CD “Yhä hämärää”, which you can find at Fonal, of course, and in the UK it’s also available from Piccadilly. American readers will have to search a bit, though Google threw up a link to Other Music.

Note also that Paavoharju are due to release a free mp3 EP on Miasmah in mid-March.

The file’s good for seven days, unless I’m asked to take it down before then, and is presented for review purposes only.

“Ilmaa Virtaa” – Paavoharju

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